Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Shopping. x

Shopping for Christmas presents is never the easiest job when you don't really have much of an idea what you're going to get people, but I just had the lovliest time with my mum today! It was so good to just have some proper girl time and retail therapy after a lot of work at Uni and you can't beat a bit of shopping to lift your mood! The little Christmas market stalls in Liverpool were so charming too, selling all sorts of yummy food and little crafts. I got some really nice presents for some of my 'giftees' and I was even treated to a gorge new coat from Miss Selfridge that I'm going to whip out to keep my nice and toasty in New York when I go there for New Year to celebrate the BIG 21! I'm actually feeling a little more festive now after feeling like a bit of a Scrooge for the last few days after being bogged down with so much work. I actually can't wait to give everyone their presents and spread a bit of joy. Whilst wearing my beautiful new coat. Only 26 days - and counting! :)


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