Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hello lovelies,

I'm sure everyones seen Cheryl Cole strutting her stuff on the new stylist♥pick* adverts parading her new shoe range, so after seeing it pop up at the side of my Facebook, I thought I'd give it a go! I filled in all my details and my likes and dislikes and although it probably was quite a broad selection of likes and dislikes I still expected to like more than one item in my 'personal showroom'.

*For those of you that don't know what stylistpick is, it's basically an online shop, where you tell them your sizes and your fashion likes and dislikes and it tries to find shoes and bags that they think you'll like!

My style was picked as 'Fashion Forward', which I would agree with as I'm always looking out at what's on trend and buying/spending too much on new things, but I just didn't feel the selection of shoes reflected that! It does say my showroom will be fully updated within 24 hours and what I was seeing was just a preview but I'm still not sure. I had a cheeky look at Cheryl Cole's collection though and I do like a couple of her pairs of shoes, so at least that's something! I may treat myself to some from her collection if I get my work done, although at £79.90-£119.85 a pair, I'll have to save a few pennies first...for a while!

In the meantime I'll just hope that my showroom improves and I start seeing some must-buy items, as the rest of the range is quite reasonable and 25% off my first purchase is so tempting!

My two favourites from Cheryl Cole's collection: Left: Your Royal Hotness, Right: RI RI-RT

Have you tried out StylistPick and what did you think? Did your showroom reflect your style?


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bargain buy of the week #3

Hey lovelies,

Firstly, a bit of a cheesy one - thank you to all my new followers it means a lot having people follow my everyday ramblings, you're all lovely, and I'm working my way through your blogs and loving them all too :)

So I know I haven't really kept up the weekly bargain buys but this week I received my Avon goodies that I'd ordered after being peer pressured by my housemates huge list! Her friend off her course is the 'Avon Lady' and constantly sends new magazines and temptations to our house, so I gave in and decided to try some out for myself since my housemate always loves them! We had a sales magazine and also her staff book which is a little naughty but as my housemate is so loyal it was a nice thing to do as everything was reduced in price.

I bought quite a bit and I was amazed how cheap some of the stuff was, I got 5 things for only £5.80 and a free foot scrubber thrown in for good measure, such a bargain for what I got as they're all full size. Here are my little goodies...

Blemish Mark Treatment, to clear any marks on the skin for a clearer complexion £2.80. This little bad boy is a roll on applicator so is so easy to use and feels really refreshing on the skin. My skin has been quite horrible lately so I'll do an update soon to say how this is working.

Japanese Sake and Rice refreshing Eye Smoother - £1. I needed a new eye cream after using  Clinique 'All about Eyes' which I love, because it's nearly all gone so I thought I'd try this, and so far so good, it's like more like a serum and makes my eyes feel so soft and hydrated after removing my make up.

Japanese Sake and Rice Luminous Face Treatment - £1 - again, more like a serum, so it's not as moisturising as I'd like as I feel my skin gets quite dry, but it does make my skin look and feel quite refreshed and it smells lovely which I love in moisturisers and creams! I will do an update on this too in a few weeks to see how I'm getting on with it.

Nail Experts Strong Results nail strengthener £1 - My nails have been so weak lately and my Sally Hanson Diamond Strength is running out so I thought I'd try this out as it's so cheap. It claims to clean nails after use once or twice daily for a week. I have applied it once now and I'm going to do it again later so we'll see how it goes, but it smells lovely on the nails, a really fresh smell so that's one good thing so far!

What can only be described as a foot scrubber I think, it's so compact but has three different features, a 'grater' which I don't know if I'll use because my feet aren't very dry, a 'nail file-type foot scrubber' which might be quite good after being the bath and a Pumice Stone, which again may be used after having a bath just to keep my feet nice and smooth. Not bad for a freebie

So that's all my weeks bargains! Quite a hefty post with all the pictures but so far I'm really impressed considering this is my first Avon order and I didn't know what to expect, especially as they're all bargains! I'd definitely use Avon again because I do think you get a lot for such good prices and I have my eye on some new treats.

Have you ever used Avon before or any of these products? What do you think of them?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

What I'm LOVING right now.. #2

So, to continue this little series I have a brand new list of everything that I'm loving at the moment and things that have generally made me happy recently:

  1. Spending lots of time with the boy before he goes back abroad for University. We've really been inseparable and have had such a lovely time, especially for valentines when he treated me to a night away and booked me in for a gorgeous massage and facial. Not loving the fact that he's leaving again though but that's for another day! 
  2. The Decleor Hydrating cream, cleanser and toner and hydrating oil that were used on my facial. My skin felt so soft and looked super clean and healthy, which was amazing after my skin has been pretty horrible lately. Definitely going to purchase the lot when I have some pennies spare. 
  3. The fact that our flights to Paris are now booked for my gorgeous bestie Emily's 21st birthday in March! Seriously counting down the days until I'm reunited with the girls for an amazing weekend of celebrations and cocktails a la gay pariii! 
  4. I'm trying out Avon for the first time next week as I was lured in by the magazines and my housemates' massive orders and I will have some lovely new products waiting for me at my Uni home when I get back. As I've never used it myself I don't know what to expect, but just having a little stash of products waiting for me is exciting me
  5. My Topshop Ambush boots! I got them last weekend and have literally worn them for the majority of the week already! They're so comfy and I LOVE them probably too much! It makes such a lovely change from wearing my UGGs in the cold weather and have made all my outfits this week look so much prettier. 
  6. The fact that I finish Uni in a few months. Even though I have had such a great time and have so many amazing memories and will be uber sad to have to leave everything behind, I'm starting to quite look forward to going into the big wide world and starting the next part of my life and being a grown up (maybe).
  7. My new Kate Spade iPhone case. It's so lovely and even though it's making me really obsessed with wiping it to make sure it's shiny (what a loser) it's great as it covers the whole phone unlike my others which didn't cover the top or bottom and didn't fight off any scratches, and did I mention it's really pretty?
So that's what's making me smile at the moment even though all my purchases and more wishlist items are making me very skint indeed! What's are you loving at the moment? 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow ♥

Helloo lovelies,

I've been slacking on the blog front lately as I've been so busy that last week or so, what with being home from uni, valentines day and trying to see the boyf as much as possible before he goes to Austria to uni for the next few months :(. I haven't had time to do any uni work, let alone write any new posts, but I've got my mojo back for now and this post is slightly different, as I'm getting my hair cut in the next few weeks (when I get the time to book myself in) and I'm trying to decide how to have it.

I have quite long hair (just past my boobs when it's straightened) but I feel like it's pretty boring at the moment and lacking any shape as it's really grown out and I just tend to whack it up in a top knot every day for uni so I feel I need something fresh and exciting to happen to it. My roots are also pretty bad at the moment as I've been deciding whether to go a slightly darker blonde and it's starting to ombre itself with my dark roots and blonde ends and even though that doesn't actually look bad, it definitely needs a bit of TLC. I've been looking at lots of different styles lately to try and decide how I want mine doing and I've decided on getting quite a lot off the length to just make it a bit more shapely, so here are some pictures of some styles and lengths I love....

Who knows I may not get that much cut off, and chicken out on the day but for now these are my potential styles for a fresh new look as I just love all of these beautiful ladies :)

Which do you all prefer?


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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mid-Week Treats ♥

Hey lovelies,

Today I was a little bit naughty and went to buy a present but ended up buying some things for myself! I couldn't resist and as we're only half way through the week, I thought I'd treat myself to get me through the next two days of hard work before the weekend. I cleaned out my bedroom a couple of weeks ago and threw away a lot of old jewellery and I'm slowly starting to build up my collection again with lots of beautiful staple pieces. I only went into Outfit for a quick look this afternoon, after lunch with a friend, but when I discovered that Dorothy Perkins had a 'buy one get the other half price' deal on and also an amazing Topshop jewellery sale I couldn't walk out empty handed! I treated myself to a gorgeous ring from Dorothy Perkins which was half price at £3.75 with the necklace I bought as a gift, and a gorge necklace from Topshop at an absolute steal, reduced from £14.50 to £1!!!! It would have definitely been rude not to!

I also snuck the little Barry M eye and lip crayon on there too, even though I actually treated myself to that on saturday from Topshop in London. But I thought I'd give it a little mention as I quite like it so far. I got it to wear as an alternative to my day-to-day brown eyeliner pencil that I wear for my everyday make up, as I heard that wearing a pale colour underneath your eye can make you look more awake and so far so good! It's quite shimmery which was a little weird at first but it actually stays on all day and makes a lovely change to my brown. It's not too harsh either and requires a few layers to build it up, which I like as I can build up the shade as much as I like. You can also wear it as a lip crayon, but I personally don't think I'll be using it for that! (P.S. Sorry the swatch isn't great, it's a really light colour)

Barry M - Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon -£4.59 with 10% student discount in Topshop - another good price! So I wasn't too naughty and didn't spend too much I suppose :)

What do you think of my treats? Have you treated yourselves to anything new this week?


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Weekend OOTD ♥

Hey girlies,

I know this is pretty late but horrendous amounts of uni work is to blame for that. I'm actually sneaking a little break to write this because I'm just so fed up of writing about schizophrenia and a little blog reading and writing always helps.
So this weekend I went to London with my boyfriend as his mum was working there and booked us a room for the weekend for freeee! (we even had a suite! - lucky us :D). I had such a lovely weekend and it was just what I needed after stressing over my presentation all week. On the saturday we went to do a little shopping as I had a few things I wanted to get and we just did a little bit of sight-seeing. The weather was pretty chilly so I had to wrap up warm. My new jumper from Topshop was perfect as it's so cosy and snuggly. I put a little lacy top underneath as the jumper is quite short and I didn't want my tummy to get cold :). I even ended up wearing a little thin vest top underneath the other tops because it was THAT cold! I teamed these with my trusty Topshop skinny jeans and my 'winter' coat to keep me nice and snuggly! I also wore my fur headband out of necessity as I didn't want my ears to fall off. The picture does show me wearing my lovely slipper shoes, but in the end I couldn't wear them and had to swap for my uggs, and I'm so glad I did as I wouldn't have been able to do any walking around with my frozen little toes! I accessorized with my new necklace from Topshop that can only be described as a little gold rope and whipped out my trusty new satchel bag! :)

Jumper and Lacy top - both Topshop, Leigh Supersoft Jeans - Topshop, Slippers, Topshop, Satchel - Next, Fur Headband - Miss Selfridge, Coat - Miss Selfridge, Necklace - Topshop, Bracelets - Pandora & Thomas Sabo. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too! I recently started using bloglovin' too so please follow me on there if you like what you see :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

New month-New changes ♥


As it's a new month (where has January gone?? I've been 21 for over a month now-SCARY!) I thought that along with trying to organise my work schedule and get fitter and all the usual demands I make upon myself, I'd do a little blog change and resign it slightly. I'm still learning a lot about how to do different things, but it's starting to look a little bit nicer I think! I liked it before, but thought it was time I learnt how to do different things and add more to it and what better time to make changes than in a new month and when I'm really supposed to be working on a presentation for tomorrow.
So anyway, I'm still learning and things may get even more adventurous in the next few days/weeks but I hope you like it, and if you have any tips on how to do different things or what you think I should change, feel free to tell me :)

Hope you're all feeling good about the new month and are having lots of February fun! 
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