Monday, 24 June 2013

My Mac Lipstick Collection ♥

Hello lovelies, LONG time no blogging I know, and this post has been a very long time coming, I think I actually wrote it back in february and it's been just sitting here unloved for months!

Left to Right: Hue, Modesty, Faux, Snob, Lovelorn, Speed Dial, Plumful

I think every beauty blogger out there owns and loves at least one Mac lipstick and my collection is always growing. I love Mac cosmetics but I think their lipsticks especially offer a quality that not a lot of others do. I have 7 in my collection now and my oldest are are Faux and Speed dial, although it's obvious that my most used a Faux and Hue. These are definitely the most wearable shades as I think a nude or a brown go with everything and I tend to just quickly apply on the days when I'm in a rush but need something to finish off my make up. Modesty is my newest addition as I got it off Santa Claus and it's a lot like Faux but it's a Cremesheen so it's a bit more subtle.

Snob was a bought on a bit of a whim as my boyfriend was living in Hamburg for 4 months and there was a store near him, so I gave him a little list full of shades that I'd seen on other people or other blogs. I hadn't ever swatched it for myself but I really like it, I think of it more as a summer colour as it's a pastel-y shade and I like that it adds a cute girly touch to a plain outfit and looks a bit different to a normal pink.

Next up - Speed dial and Lovelorn are my little gems of the collection. I love these for a day to day pink as I think they're just both so pretty and feminine. Speed dial is a Cremesheen lipstick which I love because it feels so creamy on the lips and doesn't dry them out at all. These are definitely the ones I'm reaching for at the moment.

Finally, Plumful was an autumn/winter purchase as I wanted to add a darker shade for the colder months and I love it. It applies quite sheer but can be built up to a stronger colour when necessary, which is perfect for a day to night transition lipstick. Although I don't wear it much in these warmer, summer months it was definitely a staple towards the end of last year and it's just as loved as all the rest.

For pigmentation and staying power my favourites are definitely the Satin finish lipsticks, which are Faux and Snob; I think they just provide thicker, all over colour and are the best at staying put. My least favourite, if I had to choose, would be the Glaze finish lipsticks as they're so sheer and on dry lips, they can look terrible. With a nude colour like Hue it's not really a problem and I do like this lipstick, but I can't say that I'd be queuing up to get another colour for a while.

Do you own any Mac lipsticks? Which are your favourites?



  1. Faux looks like such a lovely nude! Have never heard of that one before, will definitely have to swatch it next time I'm in store :)


    1. It really is and it sits so lovely and just finishes off your make up. Thanks for your comment :) xo


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