Monday, 12 December 2011

Leather loving ♥

So everyone knows that the leather trousers and basically anything leather is in at the moment, and after seeing lots of lovely outfits for inspiration, I thought I'd pull my leather leggings out of the wardrobe and start wearing them again. Then the worst my generous charity shop giveaway in the summer where I really did go to town and sent a lot of my things to make room for lots of new, gorgeous clothes, I SENT MY LEATHER PANTS! Terrible times I know.

I hadn't been able to stop thinking about all of the possible outfits I was missing out on wearing because of my lack of leather so I just needed wanted to get some new ones straight away. I decided I'd treat myself straight after a hard lecture and off to Topshop I went. I'd seen them on the internet and was originally going to get some from but they didn't have my size so I thought Topshop wouldn't let me down. There they were in all their leathery glory just screaming out to be bought! And so I did it, and now my bank hate again. Although - I did buy the cheaper pair at £22 because the £32 ones weren't in my size, so I wasn't totally naughty and spent a massive amount, AND I got student discount. Winner.

So there they are looking lovely and here I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. I can't wait to wear them over the christmas period, especially as I think they'll go really well with my new coat and my heel boots! :) Exciting! (Even though I do have no will power when it comes to clothes!)


  1. They're gorgeous! I've always been afraid to wear leather pants, It's really out of my comfort zone! perhaps you could do some OOTD with these pants so I can see how to actually wear them once I've bought them? hehe lovely blog, def. following!

    Rosie Anna

  2. Yes I love them! Ooh yes I might do that actually if I get the confidence to do it :) been a bit aftaid of it up until now. But I'll definitely write a blog about when I wear them and what with etc for you :)

    Thanks for following :)) will check out your blog! xo

  3. Love them, but i dont know if I could ever pull off leather pants! Cute background! By the way I found your blog on Monday Beauties Blog Hop, and I am now a new follower!


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