Saturday, 10 December 2011

What I'm LOVING right now..♥

'What I'm loving right now' is basically a list of all the things I'm really feeling the love for at the moment and things that are getting me excited...
  1. Planning my trip to see my boyfriend in Hamburg after 6 whole weeks of being apart!! I can't wait to see his face and I can't wait to go to the German Christmas markets, and feel all festive.
  2. My UGG boots - I know they aren't a blogger fave, but I seriously can't be without them at the moment, I've only had them a year, but while the weather is this cold, they're a saviour. 
  3. Fur Stoles, I love anything with a little bit of fur on, as I feel it glams up any outfit at the moment and just makes everything look super cute and cosy
  4. My black boot wedges - perfect for keeping my feet warm when they're out of the UGGS and spicing up my outfit a bit, plus you can't beat a wedge heel - thins the legs AND is easy to walk in. Winner.
  5. My MAC tinted lip conditioner - just because this winter weather is trying to ruin my lips and my MAC saves them every time. I lost it for a couple of weeks and then found it again in my bag and have not been able to stop using it since.
  6. Christmas songs! Every time I hear a christmas song on the radio it makes me feel so excited and all warm inside. I cannot wait to go home in 4 days. Time to get properly festive.
  7. Planning my birthday meal which is basically just going to be a big reunion for all of my beautiful girlfriends! I can't wait to see them all as we have a lot of catching up to do, and planning the night is getting me so excited!
  8. My new coat from Miss Selfridge with its fur collar and cuffs, although it's waiting for me patiently at home and I haven't been able to wear it here yet. It's gorge. I can't wait to wear it out and show off it's loveliness!
  9. Urban Outfitters - besides all of their lovely clothes that I just want to buy all of, they have some really quirky gifts and jewelry for sale at the moment which are just PERFECT for christmas presents. I've been hinting at a lot of the stuff for presents myself recently so hopefully Santa's been listening!
  10. The fact that I go to New York to celebrate my 21st birthday in only 18 DAYS!! Excited just isn't the word!!! :D 
What's getting you excited at the moment? 



  1. I really want some Uggs at the moment, they look so warm and perfect for this winter weather. Have a lovely time seeing your boyfriend in Hamburg! xo

  2. Yess, they really are! awwh thank you!
    Will check out your blog!:)xx

  3. You are so lucky to be going to the German markets during christmas. Tonight my family is going to the Christkindle market downtown chicago, which is supposed to be just like the german markets, but I would rather be in germany. I hope you have fun in new york! If you like it, you should really consider visiting chicago one day!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  4. Ahh that sounds lovely! Will do a post about it and what I find while I'm there so keep your eyes peeled for that! :) Thanks, I'll deffo look into a cheeky trip to Chicago! :) xx


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