Monday, 16 January 2012

Saturday Spree ♥

Hey lovelies,

Just wanted to share with you a couple of the lovely things I got from my little Trafford Centre visit this weekend. My boyfriend and I went to spend some christmas giftcards of mine and after 5 and a half hours (much to Dan's pain and disappointment) I came away with a few goodies. My first fave is my Urban Decay 'Naked' palette - I was actually buying this for myself on behalf of my sisters who wanted to get it me for my birthday but didn't get chance, so told me to go buy it at the weekend and I was so torn as to whether to get the original or get the #2 but I just love the gold shades so it was an easy choice in the end. I love the eyeshadow primer it's perfect for big girl nights out when you need your eyeshadow to stay put!

I also got some lovely studded slipper-style shoes from Topshop and a lovely cream lace top which is going to be so wearable, with jeans, leggings and dressed up or down. I also managed to spot a gorgeous coral colour jumper in the sale from £50 to £25 and it's beautiful and so soft I just had to buy it...
I obviously treated myself to another MAC lipstick (no will power) and got the shade 'Hue' just for everyday wear as it's really natural looking.

A few of my goodies minus the tops (they will be featured soon)

Finally I also got treated to a cute little present from Dan who snuck off to Selfridges when I was trying something on in Miss Selfridge even though I was taking all day. He's such a cutie...

I hope you all had lovely weekends and I'll definitely post updates about my new Urban Decay and my new Tops when I start wearing them :)

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  1. Great buys, especially love the shoes!
    Laur x

  2. Thanks, and they're gorge aren't they, Topshop have so many lovely Slipper shoes in at the moment, I'll probably want to buy some more soon :)

    Will check out your blog lovely! x


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