Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist ♥

Heyy girls,

I've never done a 'wishlist' on here before even though I'm always spying up my next purchases and making lists of things I need to buy when I get the chance (or some money) so I thought I'd share with you all what I'm really hoping to get in the next couple of weeks...

From left to right: Marc Jacobs iPhone case - £38 , Urban Decay 'All Nighter - £19, Clinique 3 Step Kit - £20 (introduction size), Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum - £41/30ml, Miss Selfridge heels - £58

I've heard such good things about the Estée Lauder Serum so I think I need to try it out for myself, and I know I already use the Clinique 3 step but it's just not been working for me recently so I want to try out a different skin type and see if that works, as I heard you should change them at different times of the year. The shoes and phone case are just lust items and I think anything that keeps your make up perfect on a night is definitely worth trying so Urban Decay really attracted me with that one! I can't wait to spend my money on some of these bad boys, I feel another splurge coming on...

What's on your wishlists at the moment and what do you think of mine?


  1. Really want to try the Urban Decay setting spray! Have you read any reviews on it? x

  2. Yeah I've seen a lot of good reviews about people loving it, and talking about how there's a specific one for oily skin and one for dry too so I might have a look at those if they're available here. The woman in Debenhams told me that it's a great product (obviously) so it seems to be quite popular :) definitely want to try it out for myself.



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