Monday, 5 March 2012

Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask ♥

Hey lovelies,

I got this hair mask for christmas off my sister but have always forgotten to use when I have a shower. Although recently I've started to feel like my hair could to with a bit of TLC so I made sure I took it with me, to give my hair a bit of much needed moisture and hydration. The mask contains Shea butter to replenish dry damaged hair and smells quite fruity which I love because I hate when products don't smell nice even though they do good things. It's so thick, so you don't need much, I slathered my hair in it this time though as I felt it would benefit from quite a lot, and all you have to do is leave it on for around 3 minutes to damp hair so it can soak in and moisturise to it's little heart's content. When I washed it out my hair felt instantly smoother and looked a lot shinier, which I love because I've been feeling that it's looking so dull lately! The tub is such a good size too at 200ml, I'm definitely going to get a lot from it, and it has a pretty, colourful little picture of a woman on the top which I like as it makes it a little bit different! I think my sister got it from Boots so that means I'll be able to re-purchase easily once I'm finished! I can't wait to keep using it, my hair is going to be so smooth and gorgeous!

Overall such a lovely product, works a treat on dry hair to instantly make it feel smooth and sleek again!

Have you tried this hair mask and what did you think? What other hair masks have you tried?


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