Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hellocotton ♥

Hey girlies,

Well considering google aren't using GFC anymore apparently, I just thought I'd let everyone know that I went ahead and joined Hellocotton. I saw lots of girls tweeting about their big move onto it and saying how much better it was than GFC and even bloglovin' so I thought I'd just join too :). It's actually such a good way to keep up with your fave blogs and also find lots more great ones to follow, from all different categories! I am a fan of bloglovin' too as that one has an app for my phone (Hellocotton are also going to develop an app appaz) so it means I can read all my faves when I'm out and about, so I'm on there too :) So feel free to follow me on Hellocotton or Bloglovin'! I'm only new to it so haven't got many followers yet nor am I following that many people either, but once I have time I'm going to dedicate a couple of hours to reading lots of great new blogs and finding lots of new ones to follow...for now all I'm doing with my time is constantly writing and reading for my dissertation...yawn!

Here is my page :)

Do you use any other blog following sites other than GFC or Bloglovin'? and is anyone else on Hellocotton that I'm not already following? 

1 comment:

  1. Hello Zoe, I signed up today as well! Here I am Hope to see you there soon :-) Poppy xx


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