Monday, 30 July 2012

Instagram Snooping #2 and Life Update ♥

Hello lovely followers,

I hope you're all good, I've been on a little blog break recently, as I've just been so busy, so thanks for hanging in there! I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging and just give a little update on a couple of the things that have happened in the past month or so and my recent Instagram pictures, because everyone loves to be nosey don't they?

So a few updates:

1) My lovely boyfriend is back from his year studying abroad, happy days! I even went to the effort of making a huuuge banner to say welcome home and held it up at the airport with my sisters and cousin just to see his little cheeks go red. Gotta love embarrassing the other half every now again ;)

2) I took the plunge and treated myself to HD brows. I wasn't sure about them at first because I thought they were really dark and I'd just had my hair dyed lighter but since having them done I can't bear my eyebrows looking so light or being out of shape. Definitely worth it, and I only paid £20 as it was my first time there - winner!

3) I went to Kusadasi in Turkey for two weeks with my family, we had such a lovely time chilling out and it was amazingly hot which was obviously great but it means I've been desperately trying to save my tan since being home.

4) I got a First Class Honours degree and I found out on holiday, cue lots of celebrations and biiiiiig smiles, just need to wait to graduate in November! NOVEMBER! I'm sitting here looking at everyone else's gorgeous graduation photos getting desperate for mine. Mainly just excited for the hat and gown to be honest.

And here's a few pictures of my life since June :)

1) Packing for Turkey 2) New gel nails 3) Yummy cupcakes 4) New Revlon Lip Butter 5) Playing with fake eyebrows and moustaches 6) New Mac lipstick in 'Snob' 7) Me and the Boy 8) Very rainy driving 9) Cheeky duty free purchase 10) View of the pool in Turkey 11) Degree results 12) Balloons from the boy 13) OOTD last night in Turkey 14) Blue mondays 15) Caviar Manicure 16) Marie Claire freebie 17) Shoe shopping 18) 50 shades of Grey 19) Cosy night in 20) BBQ 21) Cringe message sent to the boy's Nan 22) New Revlon Lip Stain 23) Inpromptu Olympics shindig 24) Thinspiration 25) New lipstick holder

Instagram name: zoenaylor1 - feel free to follow me for lots of daily photo updates

Will be back to usual beauty blogging from tomorrow. What have you all been doing since I've been away? 



  1. Lovely life eh? :) You don't need to be as skinny as that girl!!! You have one of the best bodies I know, silly. Also, where'd you get your stick-lip holder? AND what was your duty free purchase exactly? How's 50 Shades been treating you? I'm reviewing it soon... What Revlon Lipstain colour did you get? Is it Peach Parfait? It looks like it. Ohhh so much to say.

    1. Nooo I've put on weight, doing a no carbs before marbs (not actually Marbella, another part of spain) diet to make me feel a bit better about myself :). To answer Q1 - Trentham Gardens the cook shop, mama got it me yesterday :). Q2 - Duty free was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Q3 - I finished the third the other day, I did actually enjoy it, more after the first one when the story got a bit more juicy, wasn't the best read I've ever had but it was ok, what do you think? aaaan Q4 - the lipstain waaaas Flame :) haha what an essay! :P and yesss - only 1 follower away now haha so close! :P
      Thanks for your comment :) xo

  2. Also, you're only two followers from 100!!! Eeeeeeep.


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