Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hello lovelies,

I'm sure everyones seen Cheryl Cole strutting her stuff on the new stylist♥pick* adverts parading her new shoe range, so after seeing it pop up at the side of my Facebook, I thought I'd give it a go! I filled in all my details and my likes and dislikes and although it probably was quite a broad selection of likes and dislikes I still expected to like more than one item in my 'personal showroom'.

*For those of you that don't know what stylistpick is, it's basically an online shop, where you tell them your sizes and your fashion likes and dislikes and it tries to find shoes and bags that they think you'll like!

My style was picked as 'Fashion Forward', which I would agree with as I'm always looking out at what's on trend and buying/spending too much on new things, but I just didn't feel the selection of shoes reflected that! It does say my showroom will be fully updated within 24 hours and what I was seeing was just a preview but I'm still not sure. I had a cheeky look at Cheryl Cole's collection though and I do like a couple of her pairs of shoes, so at least that's something! I may treat myself to some from her collection if I get my work done, although at £79.90-£119.85 a pair, I'll have to save a few pennies first...for a while!

In the meantime I'll just hope that my showroom improves and I start seeing some must-buy items, as the rest of the range is quite reasonable and 25% off my first purchase is so tempting!

My two favourites from Cheryl Cole's collection: Left: Your Royal Hotness, Right: RI RI-RT

Have you tried out StylistPick and what did you think? Did your showroom reflect your style?



  1. I've seen sights like this in the USA and they're really gimmicky. Some of them even act as a subscription service like GlossyBox or something, where you pay about $50-$100 a month and get to choose out of five pairs of shoes and they're usually lower-brow designers so you do save money. I think if you don't see any you like that month your subscription fee carries over into the following month and you can have two pairs or something like that.
    Personally I'd rather just choose shoes of my own because the results can be a bit underwhelming with sites like Stylist Pick, (as you've seen).
    Fab post though and keep us updated if you find and purchase anything!

  2. Yeahh, I'm going to see what my next monthly showroom is like and decide, not been that impressed with the 24 hour update either yet, still only two pairs on there that I'd consider buying! I don't think you can't beat going to the actual shop and trying on lots of pairs anyway! :) Will definitely do an update on next months to see if it picks up! :) Thanks for your comment lovely.



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