Sunday, 10 June 2012

Let's get Wavy ♥

Hey beauts,

So a month or so ago I got a little crazy with my online shopping as the weather was so grim outside and I hadn't stepped out the house for a whole weekend!! I needed perking up so took a peek online, then one thing led to another and before I knew it I was a few pennies down and waiting for my new goodies to arrive!

I came across Wavy Handmade Jewellery  and there were so many things I wanted. I ended up buying quite a lot as I originally ordered some things and then found out more had been added to the shop so I made another cheeky little order too - no willpower. I wanted something a little bit different as I have a lot of jewellery already and I found some lovely pieces to add to my collection. I thought the prices were amazing too as they were all relatively cheap which made me feel less guilty about buying quite a lot! I was also really impressed with the service, as the packaging was really cute with a little sticker with my name on, and because my order took a while to get to me, due to having to wait for some parts, I was sent some freebies to make up for my wait! I was so happy with them all as each freebie was really my style as well and I liked that thought and effort had gone into my order to make sure I was a happy customer! :)

The freebies I was sent were the: Skull ring, the Red stone bracelet with the little hand charm, and the Purple Cross bracelet, all the rest I ordered  myself :).

I love all my jewellery, and you'll be seeing them in lots of future outfit posts as they've been making an appearance in lots of my outfits lately! :) Will definitely be buying more jewellery soon! :)

What do you think of my new goodies? Have you ever bought anything off Wavy Jewellery?



  1. You got some really good pieces! Especially all the crosses!

    So sweet of them to give you some freebies for being late too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. I know, I love them all :) definitely going to be my go to online shop when I want/need some new treats :) xo

  2. Wow, i can't believe i've never heard of them before, the pieces you picked are really pretty, i love all the rings you chose x x

    1. I know I hadn't heard of it either, so glad I found it though. I love them all :) thanks for the comment! Xo


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