Friday, 17 February 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow ♥

Helloo lovelies,

I've been slacking on the blog front lately as I've been so busy that last week or so, what with being home from uni, valentines day and trying to see the boyf as much as possible before he goes to Austria to uni for the next few months :(. I haven't had time to do any uni work, let alone write any new posts, but I've got my mojo back for now and this post is slightly different, as I'm getting my hair cut in the next few weeks (when I get the time to book myself in) and I'm trying to decide how to have it.

I have quite long hair (just past my boobs when it's straightened) but I feel like it's pretty boring at the moment and lacking any shape as it's really grown out and I just tend to whack it up in a top knot every day for uni so I feel I need something fresh and exciting to happen to it. My roots are also pretty bad at the moment as I've been deciding whether to go a slightly darker blonde and it's starting to ombre itself with my dark roots and blonde ends and even though that doesn't actually look bad, it definitely needs a bit of TLC. I've been looking at lots of different styles lately to try and decide how I want mine doing and I've decided on getting quite a lot off the length to just make it a bit more shapely, so here are some pictures of some styles and lengths I love....

Who knows I may not get that much cut off, and chicken out on the day but for now these are my potential styles for a fresh new look as I just love all of these beautiful ladies :)

Which do you all prefer?


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  1. I really love Jennifer Anniston's length/colour as well as Kate Hudson's, they both look gorgeous.
    I recently just went through this, my hair was getting shapeless and the colour was driving me nuts. I cut a few inches and went blonde, been loving it! Sometimes it is just fun to change it up!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. I know, I absolutely adore Kate Hudson's hair she's so gorgeous and it's always perfect! Yess that's the same as mine, just feeling a bit fed up of it, really eager for a change to be honest! :) Thanks for your comment lovely! :) xo


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