Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bargain buy of the week #3

Hey lovelies,

Firstly, a bit of a cheesy one - thank you to all my new followers it means a lot having people follow my everyday ramblings, you're all lovely, and I'm working my way through your blogs and loving them all too :)

So I know I haven't really kept up the weekly bargain buys but this week I received my Avon goodies that I'd ordered after being peer pressured by my housemates huge list! Her friend off her course is the 'Avon Lady' and constantly sends new magazines and temptations to our house, so I gave in and decided to try some out for myself since my housemate always loves them! We had a sales magazine and also her staff book which is a little naughty but as my housemate is so loyal it was a nice thing to do as everything was reduced in price.

I bought quite a bit and I was amazed how cheap some of the stuff was, I got 5 things for only £5.80 and a free foot scrubber thrown in for good measure, such a bargain for what I got as they're all full size. Here are my little goodies...

Blemish Mark Treatment, to clear any marks on the skin for a clearer complexion £2.80. This little bad boy is a roll on applicator so is so easy to use and feels really refreshing on the skin. My skin has been quite horrible lately so I'll do an update soon to say how this is working.

Japanese Sake and Rice refreshing Eye Smoother - £1. I needed a new eye cream after using  Clinique 'All about Eyes' which I love, because it's nearly all gone so I thought I'd try this, and so far so good, it's like more like a serum and makes my eyes feel so soft and hydrated after removing my make up.

Japanese Sake and Rice Luminous Face Treatment - £1 - again, more like a serum, so it's not as moisturising as I'd like as I feel my skin gets quite dry, but it does make my skin look and feel quite refreshed and it smells lovely which I love in moisturisers and creams! I will do an update on this too in a few weeks to see how I'm getting on with it.

Nail Experts Strong Results nail strengthener £1 - My nails have been so weak lately and my Sally Hanson Diamond Strength is running out so I thought I'd try this out as it's so cheap. It claims to clean nails after use once or twice daily for a week. I have applied it once now and I'm going to do it again later so we'll see how it goes, but it smells lovely on the nails, a really fresh smell so that's one good thing so far!

What can only be described as a foot scrubber I think, it's so compact but has three different features, a 'grater' which I don't know if I'll use because my feet aren't very dry, a 'nail file-type foot scrubber' which might be quite good after being the bath and a Pumice Stone, which again may be used after having a bath just to keep my feet nice and smooth. Not bad for a freebie

So that's all my weeks bargains! Quite a hefty post with all the pictures but so far I'm really impressed considering this is my first Avon order and I didn't know what to expect, especially as they're all bargains! I'd definitely use Avon again because I do think you get a lot for such good prices and I have my eye on some new treats.

Have you ever used Avon before or any of these products? What do you think of them?


  1. Hello my sweet! Looks like a good haul! Love the leopard print! How does Avon compare to the Sally Hansen? xxx

  2. Helloo :) Ahh the leopard print is just my bedding, gotta love a bit of animal print in your room! :) and so far it's good actually, it's not at all like a nail varnish, so it doesn't leave a shiny coat or anything it's like a moisturiser for the nails so it soaks in, and it strengthens them that way! It smells lovely as well, and so far my nails actually do feel like they're getting stronger! Haven't had any breakages yet :) xo


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