Sunday, 19 February 2012

What I'm LOVING right now.. #2

So, to continue this little series I have a brand new list of everything that I'm loving at the moment and things that have generally made me happy recently:

  1. Spending lots of time with the boy before he goes back abroad for University. We've really been inseparable and have had such a lovely time, especially for valentines when he treated me to a night away and booked me in for a gorgeous massage and facial. Not loving the fact that he's leaving again though but that's for another day! 
  2. The Decleor Hydrating cream, cleanser and toner and hydrating oil that were used on my facial. My skin felt so soft and looked super clean and healthy, which was amazing after my skin has been pretty horrible lately. Definitely going to purchase the lot when I have some pennies spare. 
  3. The fact that our flights to Paris are now booked for my gorgeous bestie Emily's 21st birthday in March! Seriously counting down the days until I'm reunited with the girls for an amazing weekend of celebrations and cocktails a la gay pariii! 
  4. I'm trying out Avon for the first time next week as I was lured in by the magazines and my housemates' massive orders and I will have some lovely new products waiting for me at my Uni home when I get back. As I've never used it myself I don't know what to expect, but just having a little stash of products waiting for me is exciting me
  5. My Topshop Ambush boots! I got them last weekend and have literally worn them for the majority of the week already! They're so comfy and I LOVE them probably too much! It makes such a lovely change from wearing my UGGs in the cold weather and have made all my outfits this week look so much prettier. 
  6. The fact that I finish Uni in a few months. Even though I have had such a great time and have so many amazing memories and will be uber sad to have to leave everything behind, I'm starting to quite look forward to going into the big wide world and starting the next part of my life and being a grown up (maybe).
  7. My new Kate Spade iPhone case. It's so lovely and even though it's making me really obsessed with wiping it to make sure it's shiny (what a loser) it's great as it covers the whole phone unlike my others which didn't cover the top or bottom and didn't fight off any scratches, and did I mention it's really pretty?
So that's what's making me smile at the moment even though all my purchases and more wishlist items are making me very skint indeed! What's are you loving at the moment? 


  1. i'm so jel you have topshop ambush boots, I'm saving up for a pair! x

  2. Awh you'll love them! So comfy :) xo

  3. You certainly have a lot of lovely loves! XxxX

  4. Awh, I know, lots of things to smile about recently! :) Thanks for the comment lovely, will check out your blog now. xo


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