Monday, 20 August 2012

Cabbage Soup Diet | Day 2

Hey guys,

So it's day two, and after eating just soup and fruit yesterday, I have to admit I did go to bed a bit hungry, but I just ignored it as it was only day 1 and I wasn't going to quit there. I obviously haven't noticed much difference as it's only been one day, but I haven't weighed myself again either because I heard that it can fluctuate a lot during the week with water retention and being a change to your normal diet etc so I'm not sure of the results so far, but I'm not worried. I don't seem to have put weight on anyway so it's all good, ha.

Today I struggled a bit as it was my 'vegetables' day, which meant I can eat any veg, especially leafy green ones as long as I have my soup at least once. As you can imagine, facing veg or soup for breakfast isn't the most appetising so I put it off until lunch. Probs shouldn't have done that but I just could not have had soup or vegetables any earlier in the day. I had soup at lunch time and then took myself some carrot sticks to munch on whilst shopping. For dinner I was then allowed a baked potato with a little bit of butter. I put some celery, green peppers and peas with it though as I hadn't really eaten many vegetables, or even very much all day, so it was an attempt to fill myself up for the night.
I'm going to my friend's tonight for a bit of a girls night in, so hopefully there won't be any temptations there because I could so easily eat some sweets right now.

Tomorrow is a fruit AND veg day, how exciting, ha! But at least that means breakfast will be easier and I'll try and be more adventurous with my vegetables. Mmmm.


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  1. wow i dont think i could handle this diet! good luck i hope it works for you x

    1. Haha, it is getting a bit hard, I'm craving sweet things more every day but I want to stick to it! :) Thank youu :) and thanks for the comment. xo


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