Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cabbage Soup diet | Day 4

Heyy lovelies,

Quick update on today, not really much to report. It was the bananas and skimmed milk day today but I don't like milk so I skipped that. I did try a glass but just couldn't finish it, there's just something about it which I don't like. I did have 3 bananas throughout the day though and then had soup for my dinner followed by another banana for dessert. You aren't allowed to have more than 8 bananas in total but you can drink as much skimmed milk as you like and have your soup at least once, so it's not a particularly hard day but you don't actually eat much.

I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be or as I have been on the other days though but I am pretty tired, and don't have much energy. But in other news, I had a cheeky step on the scales, even though I shouldn't have and should have waited until Sunday, but I've lost 4lbs so far, so that's encouraging :D little bit of motivation to carry on anyway. Let's just hope it doesn't go up or something! I have also noticed a difference when I look in the mirror so, all's good so far.

P.s. Here is the soup - I've blended it now, it's much better, even though it does look pretty rank it tastes nice. I think the spices I added helped! :).


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