Friday, 24 August 2012

Cabbage Soup Diet | Day 6

Heyy beauts,

Today wasn't as good as the other days. I woke up feeling really sick and faint and my arms and legs felt so weak, it was clearly the result of not having eaten properly/enough for the week. As I was at my friends I had to have something before I left so I had an orange as a little sugar boost because I had to drive home, and when I got home I ignored the soup because there's no way I could have had that at 10 am so I had one weetabix and a tiny bit of milk as I needed to go and get my eyebrows done and needed energy for that. I've been shattered all day and although the weetabix really helped give me an energy boost, I have been so tired, I've been napping so much this week!

My dinner today was Steak and vegetables and I could have had up to three steaks if I'd wanted! I could never eat that much so I just stuck to one and some green vegetables and although I couldn't finish it all it was nice to eat a real meal. I was supposed to have my soup at least once today but I didn't feel up for it at all so I just had some fruit for my lunch. I obviously didn't really stick to today's rules apart from having the steak and veg, but I think the whole diet finally took it's tole on me and I just did not want to eat it again. I'll probably have the soup again tomorrow and my dinner is brown rice and veg, so I will eat that. I haven't been unhealthy today so I'm not too fussed about not sticking to the rules but I could have sold my own arm for some bread or a doughnut. Only one day left and then I can eat what I want again, although I definitely won't be running to all the sweet things I'm craving, I'll still be good...promise.



  1. That sounds pretty scary when your body lets you know you need to eat properly. Hope your feeling better!

    I've ditched the sugary drinks in favour of water and to be honest I haven't craved any sweets or chocolate or fizzy drinks!


    1. Yeahh it was pretty awful to be honest! Feeling much better now, as soon as I ate something normal again I was fine! Yess I've been drinking as much water as I can this week and it is true that when you think you feel hungry a lot of the time you're just thirsty, because it's been fulfilling a lot of my 'hunger pangs' and cravings! Thanks for the comment lovely :)


  2. There is no "perfect" diet for everybody. This Mark Sisson crap has taken a toll on my damn Psyche. "Oh its all about insulin, sugar and carbs make you fat!


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