Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cabbage Soup Diet | Day 3

Heyy lovelies,

Today was a fruit and vegetables day which meant that I could fill up on fruit and vegetables of my choice throughout the day, as long as I had the soup at least once. I had watermelon and blueberries for breakfast and as I was going shopping I took an orange in the car to munch on because I knew I'd get hungry at some point. I then bought some carrot sticks and a fruit pot when I was at the shopping centre so I could stave off my hunger whenever I needed to and have the fruit for lunch. Although, the worst thing happened and I dropped my fruit pot on the floor in the Apple shop and when I went to get another they'd sold out :( so I had to just wait until I got home for my soup.

I had the soup for my dinner and I blended it tonight to be a little bit more adventurous, ha. It think I actually prefer it blended as it's not so watery, and then I treated myself to a few strawbs after. I've just been drinking water mainly, with the odd glass of cranberry juice thrown in for good measure, as that is one of the permitted drinks. I am also allowed to drink unsweetened teas, so I've had those occasionally.

I have been a bit peck today though, especially after dropping my lunch, but I've avoided all temptation and even avoided sweets, crisps and popcorn at my friends last night, so I think I deserve a gold sticker for that! 
Tomorrow is my 'Bananas and Skimmed Milk' day but I don't like milk so that should be fun. I might substitute it for just normal fruit, I'm not sure yet. I'll decide tomorrow - living on the edge or what! 

I will put a picture of the lovely soup eventually, but I keep forgetting to take one because when it comes to eating it I'm just so hungry! I will remember tomorrow (or thursday) though! :)

Love x

*Picture taken from http://indian-teenage.in/balanced-diet/

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