Saturday, 4 August 2012

No Carbs before Marbs ♥

Hey lovelies,

I'm sure many of you know about all of the bikini body faddy diets and some of you may have even tried some before, but as someone who rarely sticks to any diets and really just eats what I want, I didn't want to go for something that meant I couldn't have proper food or proper meals. I'm not overweight but I have noticed the pounds creeping on lately, as I've finished Uni and come home to a permanently full fridge and cupboards and I've been on holiday to Turkey, where I obviously didn't begrudge myself any treats. So I thought, to feel a bit better about myself in time for my second holiday to Spain, I'd give up carbs for four weeks and exercise more often (I rarely exercise, the gym is not my friend) and see if it made a difference.

As someone who never weighs herself, I'm not going to bother with the scales as I'll be able to notice and feel if I've lost any weight and I can normally just tell in the mirror. I'm also going to try and eat 'little and often' as it's apparently the best way to lose weight, although I already find this hard as I normally consider weight loss to mean cutting back on what you're eating, so eating like this really does seem like cheating, but we'll see.

I'll update weekly to report on how I feel I'm progressing, if at all (I hope it does help a bit otherwise I'll get to my holiday with no change except a waste of 4 weeks! Ahhh) and tell you how easy/difficult - probably difficult - I'm finding it!

Wish me luck!

P.S. If anyone has done this successfully before and has any tips to share, please let me know, as anything to make it a bit easier is welcome! 


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  1. I do no carbs diets sometimes when my jeans start feeling a bit tighter than usual as well! They really do work :) I supplement carbs with cauliflower mash sometimes! It is similar in texture to potato mash but really healthy so there's a tip for you! I find it reeeeally helps me eat less carbs! Looking forward to reading your updates and hopefully pick up some tips along the way! :) Good luck!! x x

    1. Ahh I'm so pleased to hear that it will probs work then, if I do it properly. There's nothing worse than starving yourself of your favourite things for nothing! The cauliflower mash sounds like such a good alternative, will definitely be trying that, so thanks :)

      Will keep you updated on how I'm doing :) xo

  2. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower -- hope you can check mine out too! : )

    1. Thank youu :) will check out your blog. xo


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